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4 Best Tool to Download Crunchyroll Animes in 2024 (Free/Paid)

4 Best Tool to Download Crunchyroll Animes in 2024 (Free/Paid)

Welcome to Pawpawsoft, in this article, we are sharing 4 Best Tool to Download Crunchyroll Animes in 2024. Crunchyroll is a popular site for anime fans all over the world, with over 50 million registered members. It is also a premier site for immersing yourself in the enthralling world of Japanese anime films. Some shows are free, while others cost a membership here.

We get that there are times when customers want to download material for offline watching on their own devices, even though Crunchyroll’s vast library of anime series is sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Whether it be a home without WiFi or a journey to an area with poor Internet connection, the need to have quality anime at your fingertips becomes important.

in this post will delve into the world of downloading Crunchyroll content and introduce you to the most effective tools available. From exploring their features to providing step-by-step guidance, this article will equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to enjoy your favorite anime shows even without an Internet connection.

Best #1: StreamGaGa Crunchyroll Downloader 

4 Best Tool to Download Crunchyroll Animes in 2024 (Free/Paid)

StreamGaGa Crunchyroll Downloader is a powerful tool that can help you download videos from Crunchyroll in compatible MP4/MKV format with separate subtitle files. It’s a perfect software for you if you’re wondering how to rip streams, subs or anime from Crunchyroll.

You can enjoy other convenient download features with StreamGaGa, such as batch download, fast download speed supported by GPU Acceleration, high-quality download up to 1080P, and automatic removal of ads.

StreamGaGa Crunchyroll Downloader also pose great cost performance, you can choose 3 plans based on your requirement:

  • Monthly Plan: $34.9/mo.
  • Yearly Plan: $69.9/year.
  • LFT Plan: $99.9.

To learn more info, you can visit the official site StreamGaGa.

Best #2: Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader

4 Best Tool to Download Crunchyroll Animes in 2024 (Free/Paid)

Y2Mate Crunchyroll Downloader is a safe and fast Crunchyroll downloader, which can allow you to easily download high-quality videos from Crunchyroll in batch. It’s offered for both Windows and mac users, thus the compatibility will not be the  concern any more.

With Y2Mate, you can easily rip video from Crunchyroll by providing your own account. You can paste the URL to download what you like or just download from the build-in browser,

Y2Mate is also a high cost-effective software, which offers 3 options for you:

  • Monthly Plan: $21.9/mo.
  • Yearly Plan: $54.9/year.
  • LFT Plan: $129.9.


Best  #3: CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader

Just like StreamGaGa and Y2Mate, CleverGet is another powerful downloader that allows you to download anime from Crunchyroll. It can automatically convert your Crunchyroll videos to MP4/MKV, and help you get metadata information, multi-language audio tracks and subtitle easily.

With the clear UI and safe build-in browser provided by CleverGet, you can rip your favorite anime videos in easy steps, which is easy-to-navigate even for a computer novice. However, CleverGet only offers 2 plans for its users, which may not be suitable for every user:

  • Yearly Plan: $49.95/mo.
  • LFT Plan: $79.95/year.


Best #4: Keepvid

Keepvid is an online video downloader. You can copy the URL of the anime you want to download from Crunchyroll and paste it into the search bar of Keepvid. After the analysis is done, you can download videos directly from the browser.

However, the quality and download speed are both uncontrollable, which means that it may take a lot of time to analyze or load the URL. What’s more, there are too many prompts when you download with Keepvid. These pop-ups may bring virus and do harm to your computer, so that you must be very careful when use it.

Final Word

I hope I shared all the information regarding 4 Best Tool to Download Crunchyroll Animes in 2024 in this post still want any help just comment below.


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