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How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily and Quickly (From PC)

How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily and Quickly (From PC)


Welcome to Pawpawsoft, in this article, so in this article, you will learn how to download NHK+ videos easily From PC in 2024. Nowadays, many exciting streaming services are emerging, and Japanese regional TV stations have also launched their own streaming services.

However, in contrast to the widespread streaming services, the streaming services unique to Japan are more like a derivative of terrestrial TV, with strong terrestrial TV characteristics.  There are tougher restrictions on viewing periods and time slots than for ordinary streaming services. 


What is NHK plus

NHK+ is a video distribution service provided by NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, a public broadcaster in Japan. It was established in 1926 founded and is the largest radio and television broadcaster in Japan. Its radio and TV coverage covers the whole of Japan and it is also famous for producing exclusive TV dramas.

The content provided by NHK requires a subscription in order to be viewed on TV. However, since the introduction of NHK+, it is now possible to watch NHK terrestrial TV broadcasts using an internet link.

Of course, those who have subscribed to NHK can use NHK+ without any restriction, just like watching on TV. Those who have not paid a subscription fee will need to watch adverts.


Some of Unique Features of NHK plus

  • The content distributed by NHK+ does not have a viewing time limit based on subscription time. It is calculated based on how long the content has been available on NHK. Generally speaking, you can watch program that have been broadcast on NHK for the past seven days or two weeks for free.
  • NHK supports Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android, and is basically available on all commonly used devices. As of now, NHK+ doesn’t offer downloads, so if you miss a programme, you won’t be able to watch it again.


How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily From PC in 2024

By downloading the programme, you can get rid of the limitation of the broadcasting time. You can enjoy NHK plus whenever it is convenient for you. downloading videos from NHK plus to your computer is not possible through the official app.

You need a download tool that works with NHK plus. We recommend you to use KeepStreams NHK plus downloader. KeepStreams NHK plus downloader is a downloader specially designed for NHK plus, it can download NHK plus content in Mp4 or MKV format. It also helps to remove adverts from NHK plus.

Features of KeepStreams NHK plus downloader

  • Supports Windows and Mac PC systems
  • User interface is multi-language compatible.
  • Customisable picture clarity, can download videos up to 2060p.
  • Download subtitles while watching films and videos
  • Download up to 20 times faster
  • CM auto-analysis and removal function ensures a great video viewing experience without adverts


With KeepStreams NHK plus downloader, the success rate is high, stable, fast and very reassuring to use. If you are also concerned about the success rate of your downloads, KeepStreams NHK plus downloader also offers a 30-day free trial.


How to use KeepStreams NHK plus downloader online from PC in 2024

Step 1: Download KeepStreams NHK plus downloader from KeepStreams NHK plus downloader’s official website.

Step 2: select NHK plus from the VIP services on the left hand side.

How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily and Quickly (From PC)


Step 3:  login to your NHK plus account and play the video you want to download.

How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily and Quickly (From PC)


Step 4: select the video you want to download and click Download Now.

How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily and Quickly (From PC)


Final Word

I hope I shared all the information regarding How to Download NHK+ Videos Easily and Quickly in 2024 in this post still want any help just comment below.



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