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How to Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game in 2024 (on PC)

How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 (On PC)

Do you know about solitaire games? Have you ever played spider solitaire? If yes, try this fantastic game called TriPeaks Solitaire, which is more impressive than spider solitaire. in this article, we will talk about how to play TriPeaks Solitaire in 2024 on your pc with complete step by step guide.

TriPeaks Solitaire combines a regular solitaire game with a new twist and setup. Earlier in solitaire games, you focused on completing decks by suit and number, but now, in Tripeaks Solitaire, you need to destroy peaks or pyramids by removing the cards.

Learn how to play TriPeaks Solitaire on PC for beginners and newbies by following these step-by-step instructions


Part: 1.  Setting Up the game 

How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

  • Place the three cards into separate piles: 

This is the first step and start of your peaks or mountain ranges, which will later interconnect at their bases. Remember while playing TriPeaks Solitaire that you need to form piles with the cards from the deck of 52 playing cards. Do one more thing: permanently remove all the jokers from the pack before playing.

  • Make sure you can see those cards that you turned over there.
  • At the end, you should have 28 cards laid.



How to Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game in 2024 (on PC)

  • Start to create your Pyramids.

To form a pyramid, you must place the first card at the top, two backsides up, and three at the end or below them. Please make sure the cards you placed should touch the corner of the cards above them so that you can create a layer above them. At the base, don’t let three pyramids touch each other.



How to Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game in 2024 (on PC)

  • Now, Set the Fourth Row of the Cards.

This is the last level in which the cards should be interconnected, like peaks and pyramids. You need to set 12 cards in a set of 4 each. These are the only cards that you can turn over.


Part: 2.  Playing Tripeaks

How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

  • Take one card and turn it in the stockpile.

In the standard solitaire game, the stock and waste piles show which cards you must pick next. Take cards from them and place them onto the cards on the pyramids; this is to remove all the cards from the pyramids.



How to Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game in 2024 (on PC)

  • Look at the card number.

You need to move only those cards that are one number above and one number below the card on the stockpile. If you still need to get, for example, if the king of spades card is on the waste pile, then you need to move only queen or Ace to the pile. Always remember that the Ace should be above the king or a card below 2; it depends on your playing.



How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

  • Stop Focusing on the suit and color.

The suit and color don’t matter when you move cards from the peak. This differs from regular solitaire, where you can place a red diamond on a black spade. The only important thing that matters is that the number should be consistent.



How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

  • The next step is to Turn over the cards when they are available.

You can only turn that card over when a card is moved. For example, if you remove the fourth row from the pyramid, you can turn over every card from the third row. Make sure if other cards pin the card, then it can’t move.



How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

  • Turn the card off the waste pile when required. 

You can turn over a new card if you think progress is impossible here. You can do this as long as you want, as you need to move cards from the pyramids. You must start repeating cards to run through the whole stockpile.



How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

How To Play TriPeaks Solitaire Card Game In 2024 On PC

  • Play until you get stuck or win.

You will win this game when all the cards are placed into your pyramids’ waste pile. All your cards have been completed. You will lose the game if the stockpile doesn’t have cards and pyramids have cards.


Tri-Peaks Solitaire Rules, Strategy, and Playing Tips.

  • The main objective of this game is to clear the pyramid by clicking and tapping the cards higher or lower than the top open card in the discard pile. If it is on the top of your discard pile, you can easily discard Ace or Queen.
  • Tri Peak is the same as golf. The scoring system of solitaire is quite complex. This game is played with 52 playing cards and one wild joker.
  • You will get 10 points for clearing a single card. You can stack points by clearing each card. If you use a wild card, the sequence will be broken. You will get a time bonus if you finish the game within a time limit.
  • Plan your moves to win this game. Try to uncover face-down cards row by row.


How do I win the jackpot in tripeaks solitaire? 

To win tripeaks solitaire Game, you must clear all three peaks by moving all the cards to the waste pile. You will win if you clear all the cards in three peaks.


Final Summery

This is one of the best games for experienced solitaire players. This challenging game is quite complex to play. If you love challenges, then you can easily play this game in 2024. Winning this game is not that easy; you need to play with full confidence.


frequency questions and answers (FAQ)

Question: is there an online place where you can play Tripeaks for free?

  • Answer: Yes, there are lots of websites and apps where you can play solitaire tripeaks free of cost. You don’t need to register at some websites, or no download is required.,, and these are some top free game website where you can freely play Tripeaks card game online on your PC.

Question: Which is the best among the many solitaire games available today?

  • Answer: Check out some top games below: Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire Saga, Solitaire 3 Arena., FreeCell Solitaire and Fairway Solitaire Blast.

Question: What do you think is the most challenging solitaire game? 

  • Answer: Spider Solitaire has been one of the most challenging games till now. The large number of cards and their complexity make it more difficult. You can easily play this game on your desktop and laptop. Tripeaks solitaire is also complex but not more than spider solitaire.




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