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MacOS Big Sur ISO/Dmg/Vmware Google Drive zip File (8GB)

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MacOS Big Sur ISO Image Google Drive zip File Free Download (UPDATED 2024)

MacOS Big Sur ISO/Dmg/Vmware Google Drive zip File (8GB)

macOS big sur iso is a macintosh operating system that is very easy to use and it’s compatible with all mac computers. so, in this blog, we are sharing the macos big sur iso google drive image download link, macos big sur vmware google drive iso image download link, macos big sur virtualbox google drive iso image download link, and macos big sur 11 dmg file google drive download link in a single post. You get all the file links on our Pawpawsoft ‘s website.

Macos big sur 11.7 iso is a great operating system and it has a lot of nice features. Some of those features include macos big sur security, macos big sur reliability,  and macos big sur compatibility. There are so many reasons to use macos big sur 11.6.8 and it is the right choice.

The most interesting thing about macos big sur official iso image os is that it provides a fast internet connection. If you are looking for a fast internet connection, macos big sur hackintosh iso os is the best option for you.

When you are downloading macos big sur iso google drive installer image, you will find that it comes in two versions: macos big sur 11.7  64bit iso and macos big sur 32bit iso.

So, which one do you want? If you want to save your time, then macos big sur 11.0.1 (20b29) google drive iso OS is the best choice. However, these two versions are compatible and you can use anyone in your system.

Some of the mac OS big sur 11.7 ISO OS Features 

  • In mac OS big sur 11 ISO Apple Increased Safari Browser Speed Also Improved Safari Browser Now You Can Use Safari on Big Sur 50 Percent Faster Than Before.
  • Apple Improved Batter Battery Consumption in macOS big sur raw iso Operating system
  • Most of the Peoples Love Ios Message Feature That’s Why Apple Include Ios Message Feature in Big Sur Now You Can Use Pinned Message,group Enhancements That Come in Ios 14 on Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 OS.
  • Apple Improved the Airpods Feature in macOS 11 Big Sur ISO.
  • Now You Can Easily  Connect to Your Mac with Fiddling the Bluetooth Settings.
  • in Latest Mac OS Big Sur 11.6 Final ISO OS, Apple Brought a New Interface Looks for Mac Apps Such as Sidebar in Mail and Photos Actually This Looks Quite Similar to Ios 14.
  • the Control Center Is the Most Accessible Feature in macOS Now You Can Access Control Central in Menu Bar Also You Can Change Setting Easily in Macos Big Sur in Latest Mac Os Big Sur Apple Include the Latest Widget and Notification App.


Can I use the new macOS Big Sur ISO Operating system on Parallels Desktop App?

Yes, you can easily install the new macOS Big Sur Operating system on Parallels Apps without facing any problems.

Parallels Desktop app is a full-featured virtualization application with the help of which you can run multiple Operating systems on a single computer, and it is easily available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

It provides you full virtual environment, and users can easily move from one Operating system to another without losing data, making it perfect for students and professionals who need to switch between Mac, Windows, and Linux in their daily workflows. You can also run multiple program tasks at the same time on Parallel Desktop.

Can I install a third-party software application on macOS Big Sur 11 ISO Operating system?

Absolutely you can install third-party Applications in your new macOS Big Sur operating system. If you are interested in installing your third-party app on your MacBook, you have to avoid security issues.

You don’t need to sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID for third-party app installation. The short answer is yes. The new macos big sur 11.7 google drive iso image OS allows users to run third-party software applications alongside the Mac’s built-in apps.

This means that you can run programs like Slack, Discord, Reddit, Wondershare Mockitt, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, Gravit Designer, and Microsoft Office on your new Macbook.

I have heard rumors that upgrading to new macos big sur 11.6 ISO OS without data loss can be tricky. Is this true?

Yes, this is absolutely true,You will lose everything if you do. You will not be able to access any of your data, files, picture and documents, whether it be on the hard driveor SSD or on iCloud. In fact, you will not even be able to access the Recovery partition.

Apple says that you can restore your data using iTunes, but that won’t help if you don’t have a backup of your data and program. If you don’t have a backup, then you are out of luck. It’s not possible to restore your data without wiping the entire drive.


What do I need to do to make macOS Big Sur ISO Operating system compatible with my Mac?

You will need to have a compatible processor, which means it must support Intel Core 2 Duo and higher processors. You also need 4GB of RAM and 20GB HDD or SDD for installation.

Don’t worry if your have old model such as 2013/2015 and 2017, still you can upgrade your old MacBook to a new macos big sur operating system.


Can I just install macos big sur apple iSO Operating system over my current macOS version?

If your Mac operating system is old and you want to upgrade to the new Mac OS Big Sur 11.6 Final ISO OS, Let’s say if your MacOS Catalina is 10.15 version and you are updating to macOS big sur, then you should back up your data before beginning the installation process of macOS big sure.

If you don’t, you could lose your data and end up with a clean installation of Big Sur. The reason for this is that Apple operating system will automatically replace your data with the new operating system.


What is the Major difference between the MacOS Catalina and macOS big sur latest version iso Operating system?

The new operating system is much more powerful and faster than the old Operating system. The new macos big sur iso os looks completely different, and the look and feel are also quite beautiful compared to the previous one. Once a user uses a new macos big sur español ISO operating system, then he gets used to it, it is such a beautiful Operating system.

The macos big sur descargar iso is not a small update, this is a brand new operating system by Apple, which will be found in all new MacBooks pro and air model laptops today.

In this macOS big sur, you will get lots of user-friendly features which are very special for a new user and that you want to expect in a new operating system. You must know how to use the new features of the macOS Big Sur ISO Operating system., otherwise what is the use of using a new OS?

It has a great combination of design, speed, and quality. However, Macbook only supports Macintosh operating systems. These are some of the major differences that you will not find in older operating systems macOS Catalina.


Can I upgrade my MacOS Catalina to the latest version of macos big sur iSO operating system without an internet connection?

You may ask, “Can I upgrade without internet?” The answer to this question is no. The truth is that you cannot upgrade without an internet connection.

To update to the latest version of macOS big sur installer full version iso operating system, you need to direct download macOS big sur Google drive dmg file which is done with the help of the internet.

if there is no internet then how will you download and how will update your mac to the latest.” So our answer is no” without internet you can not update nor upgrade.

Can I install macOS Big Sur ISO Operating system on an unsupported old MacBook without any issue?

This question must have come to everyone’s mind that why Apple has stopped providing MacOS support on unsupported old MacBooks Many people think that Apple must have done this because Apple wants to keep their software up to date.

The second reason is that the new macOS requires high hardware and high-end hardware, and older hardware doesn’t have enough RAM and CPU to run it. Unfortunately, you can’t run the latest macos big sur mega iso in your old unsupported MacBook, but there is the option to use macOS big sur operating system using VirtualBox and Vmware workstation.


Can i install macos big sur Operating system in my old unsupported Macs using dosdude1 macos big sur patcher?

First of all you will be sad to know that dosdude1 macos big sur patcher for unsupported macs is not yet available on internet. dosdude1 patcher only supported macos high sierra to catalina operating system.


macOS Big sur 11.7 ISO Operating system Compatibility List

  • MacBook 2015 and later model.
  • MacBook Air 2013 and later model.
  • MacBook Pro Late 2013 and later model.
  • Mac mini 2014 and later model.
  • iMac 2014 and later model.
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later model.
  • Mac Pro 2013 and later model.


System Requirements of macOS Big sur 11.7 ISO File

  • Developer & Publisher: Apple
  • Operating System: Macos 11 Big Sur
  • Version: 11.0 (20A4299)
  • Processor: Intel Multi-Core  Processor or any
  • Ram : 4GB
  • HDD : 50GB


requirement for creating macOS Big sur 11 USB Flash drive installer 

  1. macOS big sur 11.6 (20g165) Google drive Dmg file (Links in Below)
  2. Disk drill Apps.
  3. 16GB or 32GB USB Flash drive.
  4. Patience.

How to create a bootable USB flash drive for MacOS big sur on MacBook using DISK Drill Apps

Step 1.  First of all, just put 16GB USB Flash Drive in your MacBook.

Step 2.  you need working macbook for this. Just open the Disk Utility app in your MacBook and select your inserted USB Flash drive.

Step 3.  choose the “Partition” option and select Format “Mac OS Extended journaled,” and click on Apply button. it will erase your 16GB USB flash drive into macos format.

Step 4.  Now install the macOS Big Sur 11 dmg file in your Macbook, which you have already downloaded from the below link.

Step 5.  after installing the macOS Big sur 11.6 dmg file on your MacBook. You will see the “macOS big sur 11.6 installer” App in the “Application folder”. Now we can use this installer file to create a macos bootable USB drive.

Step 6.  now launch the “disk drill app” on your MacBook.

Step 7.  After Opening the Disk Drill App, Click on the “macOS Installer” Option and Select “macOS big sur Installer”. choose your 16GB USB flash Drive and click on “create macos installer.”

Final Step.  It will take just 10 to 15 minutes, and you will successfully create your macOS big sur 11 bootable usb drive ready.


Things You Need To Do Before Installing macOS big sur 11.2.2 ISO Operating system

  • The best way to save time and energy is to find out in advance whether your MacBook is compatible with the macOS Big Sur ISO operating system or not from the above list.
  • Basic knowledge of macbook required (You should know how to setup your operating system)
  • You will need to buy a hard disk to transfer all your data and software files onto your hard drive. Or you can also back up your data in Time Machine app.)
  • Internet connection required for downloading macOS big sur 11.6.8 Final Dmg Google drive file.
  • back up your Apple Cloud username and Password for future sign
  • Check mac Internbal Hard Disk Storage Before Installing.


How to fresh install mac OS Big sur 11 in the new MacBook.

Step 1. After creating macOS Big sur 11 bootable flash drive Installer, first, you need to restart your MacBook, plug your macos Bootable USB flash drive, then Keep pressing the Option keys until you see your macos big sur 11 bootable USB flash drive.

Step 2. Then select your macOS big sur 11 USB bootable drive. Now your MacBook goes into recovery mode.

Step 3. Once your MacBook goes into recovery mode, you will see macos utilities on the screen. Click on the Disk Utility app.

Step 4. After that, the Disk Utility app will open; on the sidebar, you will see the Macintosh Hard disk. You have to select your macintosh hard disk, then click on Erase.

Step 5. By doing this, all your data will be erased. Then, click on Partition. You will see an options button at the bottom. Click on it, choose partition scheme “Guid partiton table,” then press okay.

Step 6. Finally, click on apply.  your Partition successfully created.

Step 7. After that, go back and then select Install macos big sur and click Continue.

Step 8. just click on Agree and select your macintosh disk, which you erased early then click install.

It will take just 25 to 30 minutes after that. Your MacBook wil restart then follows screen instructions. Your macOS big sur 11 beta will be successfully installed in your new macbook air and pro model.


Preview of macos Big sur Operating system

MacOS Big Sur ISO/Dmg/Vmware Google Drive zip File (8GB)
MacOS Big Sur ISO/Dmg/Vmware Google Drive zip File (8GB)
MacOS Big Sur ISO/Dmg/Vmware Google Drive zip File (8GB)

How to Install Mac OS Big Sur on Windows PC

How to download mac os big sur virtualbox and Vmware ISO image just in second (VMDK File Included)

suppose you don’t have macbook and you want to use the latest macos big sur 11.7 Operating system in your window pc, then you need download macos big sur 11.7 iso image file and install it on your vmware workstation or VirtualBox Software. after that you can use macOS big sur on your Windows PC.

dont worry macos big sur mount iso image file size is just 16GB not more than. you can download both ISO images in below.

MacOS Big sur 11.7 Google drive ISO Image (Full 16GB)
MacOS big sur Vmware + Virtualbox Google drive ISO Image (Vmdk File included)
Vmware workstation 16 Pro For Win7/8/10/11
Vmware Unlocker for macos big sur and monterey
Parallels Desktop 18 for MacOS 


How to direct download mac os big sur 11 Google drive Dmg file 

Downloading Mac os big sur dmg Google drive file is a pretty simple process. still If you have problems, you can ask somebody who is knowledgeable about computers to help you.

you can simply click the download button and the macos big sur 11.6 Google drive DMG file will automatically be downloaded to your macbook

macos big sur download Google drive dmg File (Full 8.9GB)



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Final Word:

I hope I shared all the information regarding MacOS Big Sur ISO/Dmg/Vmware Google Drive zip File in this post still want any help just comment below.

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