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Windows 11All ISO ImagesOperating System

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download 2024 (1GB)

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download (UPDATED 2024)

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download 2024 (1GB)

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download


Today I am sharing the Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download Link for free. you can Direct Download the full version of Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 2021 Edition on our website.

After Windows 10, Windows 11 is a major new update by Microsoft. announced in June 2021 Windows 11 is the most significant upgrade of windows ever planned. it also provides a number of new features not seen in any previous Windows operating system, including a new start menu and search box, etc.

for some reason, a lot of people have been trying to get their Windows 11 lite for old pc to work on older devices. most pc users don’t know how easy it is to get any old operating system running smoothly on newer hardware. but the problem is Windows 11 system requirement is very high if you want to install windows 11 on your laptop then your laptop must be of high configuration (means i5, 4Gb ram, integrated graphic, etc) if you don’t have a high configuration hardware laptop then you can’t install windows 11.

but recently some developed a modified Windows 11 beta version removed some features and released Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 2021. many featured removed from Windows 11 lite 2022 Edition ISO.

Windows 11 Pro lite ISO 2021 is compatible with all low-end pc it means you can install Windows 11 on 1GB and 2GB ram based systems and the good thing is Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download size is just 1.74GB this means you can download Windows 11 Pro Lite Highly Compressed from your smartphone also.

so you can easily download the full version of Windows 11 Pro lite 2021 32bit/64bit ISO on our website after installing you can use the Windows 11 activator to activate windows 11 but I personally suggest you wait for the final release of Windows 11 and buy windows 11 product key from the official website of Microsoft.

Windows 11 Pro Lite 2023 Features

  • Windows 11 Lite Highly Compressed also introduces two new taskbar icons. the taskbar can be customized to display a variety of recent tools such as favorites or the latest emails. it includes three icons: the clock, the menu, and the system tray. the taskbar can be customized even more with the ability to hide icons and add, remove, or rearrange buttons.
  • the action center is another new tool included in windows 11 Lite 32bit. the new task center allows for a wide variety of actions to be pressed in order to launch different programs, manage internet browsers, access control panel settings, manage Bluetooth devices, or launch a particular app.
  • Windows 11 Lite start menu is redesigned to provide a cleaner layout and easier access to commonly used programs and taskbars. the start menu can be customized by replacing the start button with a search box, allowing users to search all available apps. the start menu can also be modified by adding, removing, or rearranging items, according to personal preference. the start menu can be customized further by creating secondary menus for the navigation of windows programs and applications. these secondary menus can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate menu shortcut or window link.
  • Windows 11 Lite explorer now includes a built-in taskbar to help you manage your recently used programs and files. you can use this feature to access your account settings, personalized preferences, and history. windows explorer now has an improved selection of built-in tools that are available to manage both windows and the windows registry efficiently and effectively.


Included Apps and Feature:

Alarms & Clock
Windows Media Player
MS Store
Search Bar
All Default Windows Themes, wallpapers, sounds, cursors, etc.
Microsoft Solitaire Collection
XBOX Apps and Services
Voice Recognition
Tablet Support
MS Account
Your Phone
Network Adapter Drivers
And More

Some Removed Program:

Edge Browser
Cortana assistant
Security Updates

System Requirements for Windows 11 Pro Lite 2024 Edition

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Build: 21996.1
  • Processor: Minimum 2.0 GHz dual-core processor or higher
  • Hard Disk: 10GB HDD for installation
  • ram: 2GB ram or more
  • Language: English
  • Architecture: 64bit
  • This ISO is based on the latest leaked build (21996.1)


Install (Instructions)

  1. Download Windows 11 Lite ISO file from our Website.
  2. Then Use 8GB Pendrive and make it Bootable from Power ISO
  3. Now boot from Pendrive and Install Windows 11 Lite for more information Watch the tutorial on Youtube.


 here are Windows 11 Pro Lite Preview

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download 2024 (1GB)

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download 2024 (1GB)

Windows 11 Pro Lite ISO 32bit/64bit Download 2024 (1GB)

How to Download and install Windows 11 Lite Complete Guide

Free Download ISO Image File

Windows 11 Pro Lite  32/64bit Google drive ISO zip file V1 (1.7GB)


Download Windows 11  Super Lite All Previous Versions:

Final Word:

Windows 11 Lite ISO 2023 32bit/64bit is the latest Modified version of OS. This Windows 11 Pro will work really fast on most laptops. It has many useful features that make work easy on your PC/Laptop. It is available in different languages and even gives comprehensive security measures to its users and I am very sure you like this Modified OS Trust me.

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